The subject matter of an art work reflects the ideas and beliefs of the culture it comes from. Discuss the subject matter or Chinese, Japanese, and Indian art and how it reflects their beliefs. Also, what subject matter might reflect the ideas and beliefs of your culture? 50 points to brainliest answer!!!!!!

The Japanese culture is very intriguing. They have traditional Shinto shrines and castles that are located in Kyoto and Nara. The Japanese also have traditional gardens that are influenced by Zen ideas. Japanese religion consists of Shinto and Buddhist rituals. These rituals coexist side by side with influences of other religions. This reflects who they are because it shows who they believe in and it also means that they are open to other religions and are influenced by them. The subject matter that might reflect my culture would be Indian. None of these subjects would reflect my beliefs because I am a Christian and I do not believe in Buddha or any of that. 

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