The seafloor has some valuable minerals. Manganese nodules containing manganese, iron, copper, nickel, phosphate, and cobalt may be as small as a pea or as large as a basketball. Estimates are that there may be as much as 500 billion tons of nodules on the seafloor. The minerals in manganese nodules have many uses in the industrial world, but currently they are not being mined.Why do you think these seafloor resources are not being mined? (Please write a complete sentence or two)

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The ocean floor is home to a very large number of aquatic life which would be destroyed when we mine  manganese nodules from the ocean floor.

What is the sea floor?

Deep down in the ocean we have the sea floor which is the region that has a lot of organisms that tend to fasten to the rocks that are found beneath the sea. Organisms are all interconnected and these deep sea dwellers also a role to play in the sustenance of the entire aquatic habitat thus the area where they live must be preserved from damage.

Owing to the fact that the ecosystem does sustain itself, we have to look at the broader picture of the things that these organisms have to contribute to the overall maintenance of the sea ecosystem. For instance, the decomposers are found among these deep sea dwellers..

If we mine the minerals from the deep sea, we would destroy the ecosystem and the habitat at the bottom of the ocean or sea.

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