According to the job characteristics model, the extent to which a job requires the job holder to use a wide range of different talents and abilities is known as . multiple choice question. autonomy task identity skill variety task significance

The degree to which a work demands the job holder to use a diverse range of skills and abilities is known as skill variety, according the job characteristics model. So, option (c) is the suitable response.

Give a brief account on Job Characteristics Model.

The Job Characteristics Model, created by Hackman and Oldham in 1976 and modified in 1980, offers suggestions on how to best enhance roles in businesses (Hackman & Oldham, 1976, 1980). The model provides five characteristics that outline the best ways to design work, including:

  • skill variety,
  • task identity,
  • task significant,
  • autonomy, and
  • feedback.

According to the Job Characteristics Model, these traits affect motivation, satisfaction, and performance results. The model also takes accountability, awareness of results, and meaningfulness into account as intervening variables. Oldham and Hackman developed the Job Diagnostic Survey  (JDS) to determine if work enrich lives and to evaluate their approach.  The JDS is a self-report tool that gauges how well employees perceive the five aspects of their jobs (Hackman & Oldham, 1980).

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