You measure the exact size of 100 ping pong balls from manufacturer a and then another 100 balls from manufacturer b. The balls of manufacturer b have a much larger variation. Means and specification limits for the two manufacturers are identical. Which of the two manufacturers has a higher process capability index?.

Manufacturer A has a higher function power index.

What is process capability index?

  • The process capability index, also known as the process capability ratio, is a statistical measure of process capability: an engineering process's ability to produce an output within specification limits.
  • The concept of process capability is only applicable to processes that are statistically controlled. "Good" capability index of 1.34 - 2.0 "Need Control" capability index of 1.00-1.33 1.00 "Not Capable" Capability index
  • The process capability index quantifies the amount of variation that a process experiences in comparison to its specification limits.
  • It also allows us to compare different processes in terms of the optimal situation or whether they meet our expectations.

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