Which of the following groups of words is the fragment?Unless you have proof.

Don't make accusations.

Both of the above.

Neither of the above.

Both of the above

What is fragment?

A fragment is a smaller piece that has broken away from a bigger whole. Your statement isn't complete if your teacher marks "frag" on it. The noun fragment, which originally denoted "a tiny, brittle shard," first appeared as a noun and later as a verb.

You have a sentence fragment when neither the subject nor the verb are present, thereby leaving the whole notion unspoken. The drawback of fragments is that they don't provide a complete picture. The reader is left dangling without understanding the complete notion because important components are absent.

There is a subject and a predicate in a simple sentence. A subject is a noun or pronoun that participates in or is the object of a verb's activity. All of the words that come following the subject, including the verb, make up the predicate. A simple sentence must have a subject, a verb, and a complete notion in order to be considered complete. 

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