In the area photographed in FIGURE 12.4, the one bedrock eveloped on ce, yet abundant pla are growing along linear features in the bedrock. What d oes this indicate about how water travels gh bedrock under this part of Oklahoma2. If you had to d ould you drill relative to the pattern of plant n the area pictured in FIGURE 12.4, where a Water Wed to find a good supply of ater?

Underneath superficial components like soil and gravel, bedrock is the solid, hard rock. Sand and other sediments on the ocean floor are on bedrock as well.

The rocks that lie beneath the surface rock materials and are highly hard and resistant are referred to as bedrocks. These are unaltered rocks that have been in a specific location for a very long time. For instance, gravel, sandstone, and granite.

The term "sediments" refers to the broken-down materials that result from the weathering of rocks, such as soil and rock particles. Typically, wind, water, and ice are used to raise these sediments from one location and carry them to another.

These sediments exhibit differences in composition between the sediments and the bedrocks when they are eroded from other locations and deposited in a new environment.

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