If You have a full cylindrical glass of water that stands 8 inches tall and has a radius of 1.5 inches. If you pour the water into a larger cylindrical glass that stands 12 inches tall and has a radius of 2.5 inches, how much more water would the larger glass be able to hold? Round it to the nearest hundredth.

The volume of a cylinder is (π) (radius)² (height)

Volume of the larger glass = π (2.5)² (12) = 75 π cubic inches

Volume of the smaller glass = π (1.5)² (8) = 18 π cubic inches

If the smaller one is full to the rim, and you empty it into the larger one,
then the larger one can still hold

( 75π - 18π ) = 57π cubic inches = 179.07 cubic inches

Man, that's some glass . . . about 78% of a gallon !

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