You have a land-line telephone that costs $25.95/month plus a utilities tax of 4.5%. How much will you pay for your telephone use in a year?$312.57




any help would be appreciated! I'm just really confused so if anyone understands how to do this it would be a huge help if you could explain please!


C) 325.41

Step by step explanation

The land-line telephone costs =$25.95

Utilities tax percentage = 4.5% = 4.5/100 = 0.045

Utility tax for amount $25.95 = 25.95*0.045

Utility tax = $1.17

The amount of telephone bill with tax = $25.95 + $1.17

= $27.12

There are 12 months in a year.

Telephone bill for a year = $27.12 * 12

= $325.44

Therefore, the nearest amount $325.41

You need to pay $325.41 as telephone bill for a year.

Thank you.

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Step-by-step explanation:

We know that a land-line phone charges $25.95 per month plus a utility tax of 4.5% on it.

So for one month, the total bill of the land-line phone will be:

25.95+\frac{4.5}{100} *25.95

25.95 + 1.167\\\\=27.11

Multiplying this amount by 12 to find out the bill to be payed for using the land-line phone for one whole year.


Therefore, the correct answer option is $325.41.

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