Yasmine is a saleswoman at a car dealership. For every car she sells, she receives a5% commission. Yesterday, she sold a car for $14,000. How much commission did

Yasmine receive?



Step-by-step explanation:

First of all, we know that for every car Yasmine sells, she gets a 5% commission. Yesterday she sold a single car for $14,000. We can easily set up our equation from here.

We want to multiply our commission percentage (5%) by the amount of money a single car is worth ($14,000) in order to get the amount of money (commission) Yasmine got for selling the single car.

We can't multiply percentages in this example, so we must convert 5% into a decimal.

5% = 0.05

Now we can multiply our commission decimal by the amount of money one car costs and get our answer.

$14,000 x 0.05 = $700

Since she only sold one car yesterday, we can leave our answer as is; $700.

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