2/5-t=3+3/2t please show your work Im confused... :-/

Okay, so let's put it this way :  \frac{2}{5} - t = 3 +  \frac{3}{2} t.

What can make this easier on you, is converting the fractions into decimals. To do that, you would simply divide the numerator by the denominator. 2 divided by 5, and 3 divided by 2. You would end up with this :

0.4 - t = 3 + 1.5t : Looks much more easier now, sort of. So firstly, let's get rid of those t's. We'll take out that simply t on the left side. To do that, we add t to both sides, because reverse operations, and this has us ending up with :

0.4 = 3 + 2.5t : Because 1.5 + t (which is basically the same thing as 1) is 2.5. Now, we get rid of that 3. It's in our way. We subtract three from both sides. We end up with :

-2.6 = 2.5t : Well, this looks confusing, but we can do it! We have to isolate t, which is the variable, so we divide both sides by 2.5. We end up with :

t = -1.04 (use a calculator for reference, if it helps.)

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